Working to bring together past, present, and future self fellows

Luc Robinett, 2018

"I am the Senior Cohort Lead and Executive Board Chair. The Executive Board meets once a month, and consists of the cohort and discipline leads. After speaking with the SELF Staff and Alumni Board, we decided to focus on four key areas: Engagement, Accountability, Development, and Interaction between cohorts. Specifically, my roles include setting the agendas for the Executive Board meetings, serving as a liaison between the Fellows and the SELF Staff / Alumni Board, and working with the Executive Board to address those four focus areas, and develop strategies for improvement.

Not only will we see improvements in those four focus areas, but the new changes will also stimulate communication between the Fellows, SELF Staff, and Alumni Board. For the remainder of the semester, we are in the "Data Analysis phase." We will continue to review survey feedback, attendance records, etc., and look for common trends. Then, next semester, we will have a good idea of how to approach improving engagement, accountability, development, and interaction between cohorts. In summary, the Executive Board will be an internal mechanism to deal with the issues that alumni have repeatedly addressed over the years. I think this is a great opportunity for the Fellows to have a voice in the program!"


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