Working to bring together past, present, and future self fellows

Kylie Personette, 2020

"My main role is to serve as a liaison between the internal leadership and our cohort. That can take on a variety of forms. We’re tracking engagement and participation in attendance and reporting that to the executive board while gathering feedback at the same time so we can implement changes to make improvements. The overall goal is to increase engagement and accountability within the program. Whatever tasks I take on contribute to that larger goal.

Taking on responsibility and accountability for one’s experience within the program will make sure everyone enjoys what they’re doing and that everyone is getting the most out of the program, especially in terms of discipline meetings. One of the frequent complaints is that SELF speaker series individuals don’t pertain to people’s majors. So letting students plan their own speakers let them hear about specific issues within their field that aren’t related to the entirety of the SELF program. Skill Sessions also give individuals a way to tailor their experience based on pillar areas they feel like they’re lacking in. Since there are about five offered each skill session week, fellows can choose the ones they feel they benefit the most from. It allows them to stay involved. Overall, the executive board is serving as a way to bring student insight into SELF Program planning so that our mentors have a direct line of communication between them and the fellows and can adapt the program however they feel is necessary to benefit everyone involved. "

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