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Luc Robinett, 2018

"I am the Senior Cohort Lead and Executive Board Chair. The Executive Board meets once a month, and consists of the cohort and discipline leads. After speaking with the SELF Staff and Alumni Board, we decided to focus on four key areas: Engagement, Accountability, Development, and Interaction betwee…

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Mason Wilde, 2019

"I act as, most visibly to the cohort, a liaison between the cohort and SELF staff. I also document feedback for 2019 specific events, monitoring attendance, keeping track of participation, and generally holding people accountable.


The new changes target four areas of improvement: accountab…

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Kylie Personette, 2020

"My main role is to serve as a liaison between the internal leadership and our cohort. That can take on a variety of forms. We’re tracking engagement and participation in attendance and reporting that to the executive board while gathering feedback at the same time so we can implement changes to mak…

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