Working to bring together past, present, and future self fellows

Mission Statement

To bring together all members (past, present, and future), of the SELF Program for a more cohesive and supportive culture.


One day at a coffee shop, I brought up the idea of starting a newsletter with other Fellows in my cohort. I thought that it would help familiarize everyone in the program with each other. Many people in different cohorts were doing some awesome things that other cohorts didn't know about. A newsletter would be a centralized platform for events and accomplishments to be recognized. I quickly found out that I was not alone in thinking that this was an awesome idea. Quickly getting started, I created a mock newsletter so people would have an idea of what it would be and pitched it to my entire cohort. After receiving some feedback I re-pitched to as many fellows as I could find. This is something that people were interested in and wanted to see more of. So I grabbed some supportive fellows and created a committee that would be responsible for what you might have received in your inbox. Together we gather information about the program and bring you content that we think is important to know. We are a small group of students doing this because this is what we think the SELF Program needs.

-Liam Ormiston (2019 Self Fellow)

The opinions that are expressed belong to the members of the WeAreSELF committee and not necessarily the opinions of the University of Kansas or the SELF Program. 


In order for an organization to grow and evolve, there has to be an internal focus on the organization itself. The emphasis on our time and energy to be spent outside of the program is great to develop personally, but in order to develop the program, there must be individuals that are willing to take care and nurture it. Those individuals are us!